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Product Information

Baby J's anklets can be worn both on the ankle or wrist. 


These anklets and necklaces are especially designed to be worn by children and adults, they have a tight twist clasp and a safety knot between every bead so it is hard for them to break. In the event of a breakage, the knotted string will prevent the beads from scattering. 


Please note the following when your child is wearing a Baby J's anklet or necklace:


  •  Anklets and necklaces are not for chewing. They are to be worn under clothing and to be in contact with the skin.

  •  It is recommended that the anklet or necklace be removed at night time and children must not be left unattended when wearing it. 

  • When not in use keep the anklet or necklace out of reach of young children.

  •  Amber anklets and necklaces are not a toy but a piece of jewellery, due to small parts it can pose a choking hazard, therefore, they should be worn under adult supervision. 

  •  Before allowing your child to wear a Baby J's anklet or necklace please ensure it is fully intact and not broken, please do not use the anklet or necklace if it appears to be damaged or faulty.

  • Keep your jewellery clean by washing it in soapy water.


EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 bracelets, anklets and necklaces are not suitable for children under 36 months.


How to choose your amber

Firstly decide where you’d like the amber to be worn, the neck, wrist or ankle. Amber IS NOT for chewing or placing in the mouth it is to be worn next to the skin.


All our necklaces are a standard 32cm’s. When buying a necklace it is important that it does not hang too low, it is recommended you measure the neck prior to ordering.


Here at Baby J’s we stock both screw clasp and metal clasp anklets/bracelets. Our screw clasps are available in a variety of sizes, however it is very important that you measure the wrist or ankle in cm’s then add on 1cm for the most ideal size. You’ll want to ensure there is a little wiggle room but not too much as it could roll off the hand or ankle. Generally you should be able to place your little finger between the amber and skin.


Our adjustable anklets are ideal if you’d like to choose between wearing the amber on the wrist or ankle. Simply hook the clasps between the beads at the most suitable length. Please note that the clasps need to lay with the hook facing upwards and away from the skin to avoid discomfort when worn under a sock or tight clothing..


When deciding which coloured amber you’d like go for the colour amber you are most drawn to, choose which looks most appealing to you.

All amber has the same properties, no one colour is stronger or offers different properties to the other. However along with our plain amber we also stock our amber with semi precious stones range. These each have their own properties, details of this will be listed for each anklet.


Please see our “safety care and instructions” page for full product safety and information. All Amber jewellery is sent out with a product information leaflet.

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